The silent killer: the stigma around male mental health

Is there a stigma surrounding male mental health? 

Just over three quarters of suicide victims are men, that is a fact that is known quite widely in society. So, if that figure is so prevalent, why do only 9% of men seek mental health diagnosis, compared to the 15% of women.

The stigma surrounding male mental health is one that has, in fact become a silent killer. With suicide being the biggest killer between men aged 18 - 45 and yet, the mental health of men is still not spoken about. The basic answer to the basic question, that question of course being “why?”, is that men in society may still find it hard to talk about their feelings, and might find it hard to indeed go and open up about how their feeling. But this is a real issue, especially for men in the city and the LGBTQ community. Not being able to accept yourself is just a block in the clogs of all the things that will in turn make you feel mentally okay. It is understandable that there is a stigma, and for those who can't seek out help, there are simple things that men can do adjacent from seeking help.

Eating well

The first small thing that you can do to try and make yourself have more of a positive mindset, making sure you’re eating well and regularly will make the difference with how you feel, even by a small amount.

Sleeping well

Trying to get at least the minimum amount of sleep you can, being about 6-7 hours, ensures your brain functions work to their fullest and keeps your brain activity healthy, so try and sleep!


A change of hygiene is one of the first signs of the decline of mental health. So try to keep hygiene up, washing regularly just to keep yourself feeling clean and somewhat relaxed.

Although these things are small, they could make the difference. Taking small steps to recovery, while waiting to be seen by someone that is a professional, is just the small thing you can do in order to make sure you’re keeping yourself as happy and comfortable as possible.

[Words by Daisy Prince]