Opinion: Casual sex affects mental health

Can seeking solace in casual sex help mental health issues or cause you more grief?

The act of engaging in sexual intercourse with someone we hardly know or are not committed to being in a relationship is what is broadly termed as casual sex.

With increased technology, connectivity and modes of “social connection”, depressions and loneliness has also increased by leaps and bounds. While some people may turn to a glass or bottle of Vino, others quite often seek solace in casual sex. Indulging into this kind of activity, can have some serious ill effects that can leave a person both physically and mentally broken.

Casual sex and its impact on physical health:

When you engage into casual sex, your chances of contracting a sexually transmitted disease is increased -  You are totally and completely unaware of the other persons medical history. If that person has a disease, it might get transmitted to you sexually and you have no way of knowing it. Thus, casual sex can prove to be extremely detrimental for your physical health.

Unprotected casual sex can lead to various kinds of problems. It can even result in an unwanted pregnancy. Engaging in casual sex can also pose a threat to your own physical safety. When you are agreeing into a sexual liaison with a person, you do not know much about them. They may have an alternative or inappropriate motive. However, the mental side effects of casual sex are far more detrimental and toxic which needs to be seriously dealt with.

Casual sex and its impact on mental health:

The thing with casual sex is that it cannot bring you the fulfilment that you desire. Sex is not just an act of procreation for social animals like human beings, but rather it demands for an emotional connection as well. This is something that one cannot get out of any casual sexual interaction. And this is always bound to create mental dissatisfaction and a feeling of being incomplete. This in can affect someone’s psyche in the long run.

A lot depends on what kind of a position you are in your life when you engage in these interactions. Suppose you engage into casual sex during your student life, you never know but it might end up affecting your career, since you might get into an unwanted pregnancy or any other complication that you had not foreseen. When it comes to a work place situation and if you engage into a casual sexual interaction with a colleague you never know how it might come back to bite you later.

There is not always the guarantee that a sexual interaction will be casual for you or the one involved. It just might be that you or the other person get involved into it so much that you want it to blossom into something more than that, but the feeling does not get reciprocated. You might be clear from your end that you are not interested in something serious and the other person might agree, but they might not always feel that way. So, it is best to always avoid situations like this which have the possibility to give rise to future complications.

Overall, until and unless, casual sex is something that you are very comfortable with, when it does not mess with your moral sensibilities or if you have accepted it to a part of your daily life, then only can this be treated as something that is not going to harm you mentally.

The risk of physical harm remains, no matter what. A lot of people engage in casual sex or even flings as a measure to cure loneliness or even look at it as sort of an adventure but considering the pros and cons and its ill effects, this is an area best not explored.

[Words by Meshanda Cyrus]


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