London South Bank University mental health information

London South Bank University takes steps in the right direction for student wellbeing with mental health in mind.

University should be a fun and exciting time for students and LSBU provides the right support for students to be able to ‘excel in your studies and thrive in all areas of your life’.

University in the city can be a demanding time for students, not just in terms of studies but there can be an array of challenges within your personal life. LSBU understands this and delivers the different kind of support that each student might need in order to get the most out of their time at university.

Within the university’s wellbeing team there are an array of services available to cater to the needs of students.

For those who simply need someone to talk to about worries or concerns there is a fully equipped team, providing a ‘confidential and safe space to talk’. These can be provided through either face to face or over the phone on a Monday-Friday basis. Outside of this there are online resources available on a 24/7 basis, providing access to an online support platform that the university uses called ‘SilverCloud’. And there are also plenty of wellbeing workshops and events happening all the time across the university’s campus.

Depending on the type of student you are there are different ways to contact the wellbeing team. For those who have applied to study at LSBU and feel you would benefit from a pre-enrolment meeting on mental health and wellbeing prior to starting you can contact the wellbeing team at ‘’ or on 020 7815 6454.

For current students the student centre always has open doors and there is information available 24/7 on the student portal ‘MyLSBU’. The student centre has a vast collection of leaflets and wellbeing information packs, which may also be helpful.


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